Interior Design Musings
Dear clients and associates past, present and future:

When I opened Sholdar Interiors in 2005, I hadn’t anticipated the joy I would find in the relationships I would form. In the years since, I have worked with amazing clients, vendors and contractors on projects in every style and under every set of circumstances imaginable. Of course each project brings its own set of challenges and opportunities for creativity and these tests and successes have brought into my life people for whom I am better having known. These relationships are the foundation upon which I have built my business and I am excited to continue to grow together into this next phase.

So what’s new? More than a year after my wedding and subsequent name change, I am excited to finally announce Sholdar Interiors has become Hester Interiors. This change brings new contact information and more importantly, a brand new website. I am excited to have this platform to share announcements and ideas as well as updates on active and upcoming projects. Visit often to learn more about special offers on design services, awards and publications and the charity program I have initiated. Please make note of the new contact information found at the bottom of this page and take a moment to visit

After nearly five years of teaching Interior Design at The Art Institute of California- San Diego, I have resigned to focus exclusively on my design practice. Teaching brought me wonderful opportunities and travel. However, exciting new chances to grow my business and make a difference through volunteer work made this the right time to move on. As you may have expected, I have filled the void left in my schedule with exciting new ventures. So not to worry, you can continue to set your watch by my 3:00 am mails.

One of those new ventures is partnership 25 years in the making. In addition to being my oldest friend, Chad Arendsen whom I met the first day of kindergarten, also happens to be the world’s greatest general contractor and owner of Chad of All Trades, Incorporated. Our friendship has transitioned into a viable and symbiotic business arrangement; the foundation of which is more than 24 years of combined experience in design and remodeling. Our professional partnership provides clients the convenience of a design-build experience with the added benefit of a team whose collaborative efforts stretch back to schoolyard games and elementary school government. I can’t wait to introduce everyone to Chad and vice versa.

The design industry has been, and continues to be, exceptionally good to me and I have been given an amazing opportunity to give back. I have enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors of The American Society of Interior Designers, San Diego Chapter. My ASID board position as Director of Programs and Professional Development has given me the continued opportunity to connect designers to the latest information and products as well as encourage the continual education and growth I know is vital to success in our industry. I am honored and humbled to have been a part of the leadership of a hugely successful chapter of what I know to be the greatest Interior Design organization anywhere.

As you can see I continue to be blessed with a busy life in which I find great joy. I am sincerely grateful for the role you play in helping me continue to live and work under such wonderful conditions. My endless thanks and here’s to our on-going partnership and continued success. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Very best regards,
Lindsay Hester, ASID
Principal, Hester Interiors